Reporting by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith

If you have a high fever, body aches, fatigue or chills, you may be experiencing symptoms of the flu.

This years flu has infected thousands of people all across the nation and the sickness can be deadly. Family physician Dr. Thomas Weida said there have been 5,000 deaths and nearly 80,000 hospitalized from the flu this year.

“The type of flu that is out this year is influenza B, which is a little unusual,” Weida said.

The flu is most commonly contracted by young children and adults. Those who have chronic diseases, such as lung and heart disease, as well as diabetes and cancer are more likely to get sick.

Weida advises everyone to still get a flu shot because flu season is expected to last until April. Other ways to prevent from catching the infection is washing your hands regularly.

If you do contract the sickness, please stay home to refrain from getting others sick.

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