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Teleconferencing has become a very popular form of communication throughout the pandemic, and a University Medical Center doctor is stressing the importance of finding a balance for children and screen time.

Dr. Caroline Boxmeyer answered questions regarding children amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday, June 4.

She said just because children are using computers more often doesn’t mean parents should stop monitoring their computer activity.

She also said when your child is going other people it is still important to have them wear a mask, remain 6 feet apart and avoid large gatherings of people.

Finding activities for downtime that don’t include a screen is important in finding that healthy balance, Boxmeyer said.

“I think that the teleconferencing has been a lifesaver to keep children connected with their friends and family and school, but we do want to kind of round out that balance with some in-person relationships and physical activities,” she said.

Boxmeyer also said it’s important that parents give themselves a break, because it’s impossible to be perfect. Now or ever.

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