By WVUA 23 Reporter Cameron Dobbs

Lights were aglow both outside and inside the Bama Theatre on Sunday when Bollywood Groove hosted its 10th annual Diwali Festival.

The event featured dancers from Bollywood Groove who performed both traditional and modern Indian dances, as well as other featured performers, such as flute players, of all ages.

Diwali is a traditional Hindu holiday that is celebrated at the end of October and early November. Also known as “the festival of lights,” this holiday celebrates a spiritual triumph of light over dark. Its traditions are deeply rooted in the Indian community.

“This event is a great outlet for those who don’t get to celebrate all the time, especially those that come from India and live in Tuscaloosa,” said performer Saniya Singh. “I think its a great outlet and a way for everybody to have a good time.”

Special guest John C. Merrill, the Secretary of State of Alabama, was in attendance.

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