Diverse Business Council hosts summit Tuesday

More than 100 elected officials, local leaders and members of the community gathered bright and early Tuesday at the Bryant Conference Center for the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama’s Diverse Business Council’s annual Diversity Summit.

Diverse Business Council Chair JacQuan Winters said the council creates a chance for the community to come together to talk about tough issues.

“We all know that we have differences, but when we can come together despite our differences to make a better community, that’s always important and create inclusion and equity for other individuals,” Winters said. “Events like this create a safe space for minorities and diverse groups to talk about their issues and problems that they are having and create solutions for them as well.”

The Diverse Business Council began 10 years ago as the Minority Business Council.

Its purpose is to foster growth and competitiveness in minority-owned businesses across West Alabama.

Those in attendance received tips and learned the importance of networking, making businesses more diverse and how that leads to their success.

Other topics included diversity in the workplace and strategies to ensure an equitable and inclusive work environment.

Any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama can join the Diverse Business Council.

The next event for the council is happening Sept. 26 at the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

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