Tuscaloosa City Council

By WVUA 23 Reporter Grace Campbell

Tuscaloosa residents got a chance to interact with the three candidates for the Tuscaloosa City Council District 4 seat on Monday.

The candidates met at the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and spoke about their platforms and plans if they are elected to the seat vacated by former District 4 Councilman Matt Calderone. Calderone gave up his council seat after he moved to a different district.

The three candidates are Lee Busby, John Earl and Frank Fleming.

Busby is a former marine who believes public safety and infrastructure are District 4’s main issues.

“We talked about maintaining a quality of life down here, so it is a pleasant, safe place for people to live,” said Busby.

Earl is a Tuscaloosa native whose main concern is making sure neighborhoods are being put before businesses.

“I think there needs to be a healthy balance between businesses and neighborhoods,” said Earl. “Right now, I don’t think the neighborhoods are getting all the attention and consideration that they should have.”

Co-owner of Heat Pizza Bar, Fleming, is looking to do more for the city and unite the residents of District 4.

“As this short race is ahead of us, we have to get out there and get our names out to as many people as we can,” said Fleming. “Things like this makes it easier for us.”

The City of Tuscaloosa will hold the special election for Tuscaloosa City Council on Oct. 8.

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