District 1 leaders holds town hall meeting

Tuscaloosa City Schools

TUSCALOOSA – Tuscaloosa District One representatives called a town hall meeting to discuss upcoming projects and school related issues within the area.

District One City Councilman Dr. Matthew Wilson said this meeting was all about bringing everyone together and creating a sense of awareness.

“With the many things that’s going on with the city as far as in our district, the Benjamin Barnes YMCA that’s moving, the Tuscaloosa Public Library that’s been an issue that has recently come up. The need for economic development, that has been questionable. I felt that it was my duty to talk to the community and to hear their concerns as well,” said Wilson.

District one Tuscaloosa School Board member Dr. Karen Thompson- Jackson said she attended the meeting to answer any and every question about the school system.

“Information and communication is powerful, so we want to make sure that District One is well represented with information we lack because we don’t know what’s going on and we want to make sure that between the two of us, between the city council and the school board, as your representatives, the most we can do is make sure we are getting information out to you,” said Thompson-Jackson.

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session for District 1 community members.


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