Diaper Bank Helping West Alabama Families in Need

Diaper Drive 2

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Sidney Spencer

If you or someone you know in Tuscaloosa or Greene County is in need of diapers or basic baby essentials, Bottoms Up Diaper Bank in Eutaw can help.

Diapers are a necessity for babies, but there are some families who struggle to afford the cost. Disposable diapers cost hundreds of dollars a year, and cloth diapers come with time- and money-consuming laundry requirements.

“As a working mom, I understand we all need help even if you’re just trying to get diapers through the weekend,” Edison said. “Everyone needs a little help.”

After giving birth to her son in 2016, Danielle Edison found herself in dire need of diapers and other baby essentials. That stress led to Edison’s idea for the diaper bank, a place where families in Tuscaloosa and Greene counties facing the same issues could get the supplies they needed.

“That was a stressor for me when I was in need, that I didn’t have enough,” Edison said. “But I was just lucky that I had friends and family that I could rely on to help me provide for my children.”

Because Edison knows how it feels to be without the necessary essentials to care for a baby, she said she wanted to make it easy and simple to receive a pack of diapers.

Families don’t have to provide income information or prove they’re on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Women, Infants and Children benefits, Edison said.

“To qualify for diapers, all you need to have is a child in diapers or pull-ups and a desire to keep him or her clean,” Edison said.

If you’re interested in donating diapers or any other supplies, or if you need assistance with getting diapers, you can reach out to Bottoms Up Diaper Bank 35 on Facebook or visit bottomsupdiapers35.org.

diaper drive 2

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