Maddox Education Plan00000000

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Maddox outlined his State Lottery proposal Monday.
Maddox says his plan would generate more than $300 million in revenue for Education.
He unveiled his plan at a News Conference outside Northington Elementary School in Tuscaloosa.
Its the same school he attended for Kindergarten back in 1978.
The best thing about a Lottery, Maddox says? It costs Alabamians zero tax dollars.
“Doing it in a way where it will not cost us a single dime in more taxes. As Governor, one of the first things I will do is call for an Executive Session to put this measure before our Legislature so, the people of Alabama can vote on this” says Maddox.
Proceeds from the Lottery would provide Scholarships for Higher Education and Workforce Development programs.
It would enable an expansion of the State’s Pre-K Program to all Alabama students
Currently, only 30% of Alabama’s children are covered by the program.
Maddox says he’ll also create a program to help bridge funding between Alabama’s richest and poorest schools and create Community Innovation Grants to provide additional support to schools.
“The time has come for the Alabama Education Lottery. In the Maddox Administration, we’re going to make certain we bring it to reality. We bring it to reality for the 800,000 children that are in our Public Education System.
We will bring it to the thousands of teachers. Everyday they go to work and make a difference in our community.
Maddox says in the coming weeks, he will go more in depth on how each of these programs will be implemented.

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