Deception is an art: Magician offers a firsthand look for Alabama class

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

The professor of a truth, ethics and deception class at the University of Alabama offered students a look at art in action Thursday with help from a not-so-surprising source.

Magician Curt Anderson knows all about deception. In fact, he’s been practicing it for most of his life. That’s what magic is all about, after all.

“When I was 7, I saw a magician and I said, ‘that’s what I want to be,’ ” said Anderson. “I started practicing, working and I was on the road as an apprentice at 13. I performed in all 48 states and eight foreign countries. I go to live out what I wanted to do through my life with magic and deception.”

Anderson said deception can be as simple or as complicated as it takes to get the job done, meaning it’s essential that these kinds of classes exist. Not to mention, it’s a fascinating subject.

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