DCH reports lowest number of positive COVID cases since April


By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

Although the COVID-19 virus is still relevant in our lives, the number of people who have tested positive for the virus has decreased significantly.

DCH Health System Vice President of Communications and Marketing Andy North said hospitalizations and other life-threatening illnesses have also decreased.

“We’re at 15 COVID-positive inpatients between our three facilities and five or fewer of those are in the ICU, which is great news,” said North on Friday. “The last time we were down that low was April of last year.”

The declining numbers also mean the hospitals’ employees and staff can breathe a little after months of stress.

“The staff and physicians have been working tremendously hard for the last two years, I mean they always work hard, but this has been a very trying time,” said North. “So, we’re optimistic that this is coming to an end or at least slowing down so that they can slow down a little bit.”

North said the hospital is also beginning to ease its rules for visitation purposes.

“We’re still relatively restrictive on our visitation,” said North. “In most areas of the hospital, it’s allowed two individuals together in a room. We’ve started to allow for COVID positive inpatients, one visitor per day as long as they’re following staff instructions. We’re watching it very closely and we hope to free that up visitation a little more soon.”

Face masks are still currently required for all staff and visitors at all DCH campuses.

You can read up on patient guidelines right here.

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