DCH reports decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations

In many parts of the country, COVID-19 hospitalizations are trending downward, and that’s in line with what’s happening here in West Alabama.

DCH Health System Marketing and Communications Vice President Andy North said that as of Monday, the system is treating 150 COVID-19 inpatients. That’s down from 175 inpatients late last week.

“The numbers are going down a little bit, which is good,” North said. “With what we have seen across the country and across the world, those numbers seem to be going down, too. All trends are in a good direction for us and we hope they continue that way. ”

In its latest update, DCH Health System reported 150 COVID-19 inpatients. Of those, 95 are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, and 55 are fully vaccinated.

A total of 23 COVID-19 inpatients are in the ICU. Of those, 21 are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, and two are fully vaccinated.

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