Since Friday, DCH facilities in Tuscaloosa and Northport have seen an increase of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Hospital officials said the number of coronavirus cases in Tuscaloosa county are continuing to rise.

There are 10 inpatients being treated between the Tuscaloosa and Northport campuses and doctors are seeing a larger number of people in the emergency room with symptoms of the virus. Hospital officials believe that there will be a peak at their facilities this week.

“I think we have moved from limited community transmission to widespread community transmission, so if you’re in the community right now it’s out there and you are really high risk of catching it so if you’re quarantining this is the time to stay home and stay away from everything,” said Dr. Blake Lovely, the regional medical director for emergency department services at DCH.

Hospital officials have available beds and are in a very good position to handle the influx of patients at this point.

“[At] both the regional medical center and Northport medical center we have the staff, we have the capacity, we have the equipment and we have the know-how to take care of your needs whether you are a lower acute patient or a high acute patient,” said Dr. Robin Wilson, chief medical officer at DCH Health System.

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