By WVUA 23 Reporter Amber Boswell

A new case of coronavirus was confirmed in the United States on Wednesday.

The death rate in China is steadily increasing as more people are being exposed to this virus. Back in the Druid City, the staff of DCH Regional Medical Center is making sure they are taking the proper safety precautions if the virus were to spread more in the United States.

Dr. Albert White Jr. said his medical team at DCH is closely monitoring patients who have traveled to China within the past 14 days.

“If we find someone of interest who has traveled to China or come from China or that area in the last 14 days or so and they have certain symptoms or they have a fever or other things, then we will have those patients separated from the group. We have them in a private room or in an isolation area,” White said.

White also said they are encouraging patients to remember the basic foundational preventative measures that come with keeping viruses at bay and preventing the spread of the illness.

“Practice good hand hygiene, personal hygiene and good cough etiquette,” White said.

If a patient meets the clinical criteria for the illness and depending on the severity of the illness, the patient will be closely monitored from their home.

“We have not had anyone here at our facility who has met the criteria, and as far as I know, if we’re looking at those statistics from the state of Alabama on their website, I don’t see that we’ve had anyone in the state of Alabama,” White said.

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