DCH offering free mammograms this month for uninsured women

Lewis And Faye Manderson Cancer Center

dch cancer center

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Whitney Leibold

DCH Health System’sLewis and Faye Manderson Cancer Center is honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month by offering free breast cancer screenings for women later this month.

“When we do the breast screening, we are hoping women are going to take control of their health and we want them to be able to feel confident to come and have their mammograms done,” said DCH Nurse Katrina Lewis.

The screenings are available thanks to the DCH Foundation Breast Cancer Fund.

Women older than 40 are encouraged to get a mammogram once a year, but those with a family history of breast cancer should get screened starting earlier. Lewis said they’re encouraging women who are in their 20s or 30s to consider getting a breast exam so they can learn how to check for breast cancer.

Free screening requirements include:

  • No personal history of breast cancer
  • No health insurance
  • At least 12 months since last mammogram
  • Must live in the DCH service area
  • Must be a woman 25 or older

If you’re interested in a screening, you must register by Oct. 13. You can do that by clicking right here, or calling 205-343-8493.

Results are available for participants a week after their screening.

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