DCH Northport offering new rehab technology for patients

Dch Rehab

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

DCH Northport’s Adult Rehabilitation Program is the first in Alabama to incorporate a new rehabilitation technology.

Through the DCH Foundation, a fast-forward grant fund was approved for the Bioness Vector Elite system, which is a dynamic intuitive body weight support system that allows therapists to treat patients in rehabilitation in a safe way.

DCH Rehabilitation Therapist Nathan Buckalew said this is a step in the right direction for patients and their therapists.

“Essentially, it’s going to allow safe excursion and movement to a level as chosen by the therapist and their judgment as they evaluate and assess the patient in what they are actually trying to achieve,” Buckalew said. “It can help facilitate movement forward, backward, allow rising and lowering and then eliminate a certain amount of body weight as necessary to allow the patient to move in the most efficient and safe way.”

The system was developed over the course of Bionesses involvement in the therapy world.

Bioness Territory Manager Michael Stanley said they have seen a need for equipment like the Vector Elite.

“To keep patients and therapist safe from falls where the therapist can be more hands-on with the patients and still be able to facilitate and gate different activities with their patients,” Stanley said. “Without having to put their own body at risk of falling or injuring their patients at the same time.”

The purpose of the system is to allow the patients to have more freedom and to allow the therapist to push their patients to the limits.

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