DCH Health System celebrates World Diabetes Day

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Mary Barron

TUSCALOOSA – Nov. 14  is World Diabetes Day and several health professionals celebrated the day by informing many Americans about the disease and how to live with it.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. For people with diabetes, their body not produce insulin, causing their blood sugar to rise.

Certified diabetes education specialists at DCH Health System said the day is important because it gives the opportunity to inform the community about diabetes.

Nurse Marsha Fowler has been with the DCH Health System since 2011 and said this disease can be difficult and she strives to help people navigate the journey.

“It’s really about advocating and just kind of showing people that diabetes is important and that we need to recognize these people and get the word out about how to take care of it and prevent it,” said Fowler.

The DCH Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center teaches their patients about proper fitness and nutrition.

“We definitely bring a compassionate note to having to live with it. Again, just the challenges.  I often refer to it as a journey. It’s just something that’s ever evolving. As your body changes, you have to learn new ways to deal with it.  A big part of it is our dietician does a beautiful job of educating people on eating healthy and us here, the nurses, just knowing how to take your medication properly and not just take it but take it correctly,” said Fowler

Marsha Fowler spends her days helping patients with diabetes while she herself is also living with it. Fowler was diagnosed at age 11 and advises her patients to believe that diabetes should not be feared but respected.

“We are not perfect and I think when you try to reach for perfection, you don’t get it. So you can’t be disappointed in that, but you just keep striving for that perfection and just knowing that sometimes days are not going to be great and you just have to keep going,” said Fowler.

For more information visit cdc.gov.




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