Donation Boxes00000000

Employees at DCH Regional Medical Center and Northport Medical Center are working together to restock the shelves of local food banks.

The DCH Health System’s annual holiday food box collection drive ended today with local nonprofits coming and picking up all the food that’s been collected. It’s a yearly event that’s been happening for more than 20 years, and every department gets involved.

Food goes to families who need a little extra help this time of year.

DCH Director of Human Resources Lori Royer said it’s exciting that everyone at the hospitals take part, and the donations are getting bigger and better each year.

“You can just tell as people bring in the food it’s just a happy, happy day to do this,” she said. “When you give back to the community like this, people are so excited to be part of it. I’m proud to be part of DCH and be a part of this program.”

This year’s drive ended up filling 397 family-sized boxes.

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