DCH chief operating officer: System is focused on improvement

In health care, changes come quick. It’s no different at DCH Health System, where CEO Katrina Keefer officially took over Aug. 1 and Chief Operating Officer Mallary Myers began Oct. 31.

Since she began a few months ago, Myers said her goal is creating unique opportunities for caregivers and ensuring staff enjoy their jobs and remain within the system.

And technology is no small part in that effort, she said. It’s being used for improving patient care and investing in employees.

“We continue to struggle with recruitment, and we are actively working on some very targeted creative approaches to getting talent into our community,” Myers said. “Not just for nursing and direct caregiver roles, but also for providers in the community. Partnering with community providers to try to recruit talented physicians so we can really provide comprehensive services to the community.”

Another change that can’t come soon enough? Improving wait times in the emergency department.

“We have active process improvement groups and multidisciplinary groups focusing on improving those wait times,” Myers said. “We are pulling together physicians, nursing staff and support team members to help us work through those challenges so we can get ahead of it. See if we can be more proactive and less reactive.”

DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa is undergoing some major physical changes, too. The hospital’s south parking deck and south lobby entrance are currently closed in preparation for demolishing and replacing the deck.

In the hopes of finding new recruits, DCH is hosting several community events in the coming months.

First up is a Mardi Gras-themed recruiting event focused on nurses. It’s happening Feb. 16 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Harrison Galleries in Tuscaloosa and will feature music, food and door prizes.

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