Delivery Driver

After her mother was killed in a tragic accident on May 3, the owner of Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe wants to thank the community for its support in her grieving and healing.

Tuscaloosa Police said 60-year-old Sherry Earwood Montgomery was killed while delivering flowers on Fourth Avenue, not far from the Springbrook area. Police said they believe she got out of her van but it kept moving and pinned her to the ground. Montgomery was pronounced dead at the scene.

“She was just a beautiful person who loved beautiful things, but most of all, loved people,” said Montgomery’s daughter Morrison. “My mom was a people person; helped all different customers, people that we’ve done business with, that walked into our shop. Like, ‘Can I deliver flowers? Can I wash a bucket? What can I do to help?’ And it was just amazing to see how many people just reached out to us and loved on us through this time. It was definitely something absolutely amazing.”

Morrison said she wants to thank everyone who stepped up and handled her Mother’s Day orders and deliveries. She said it is amazing to see how loved her family is, especially during this difficult time.

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