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New data is showing COVID-19 is infecting and killing African Americans at an alarmingly high rate.

African Americans are more prone to high blood pressure and diabetes. In Louisiana, 70% of those who died from COVID-19 were black Americans, despite making up 33% of the population.

Generations Primary Care doctors Jamie and Keisha Lowther believe the high rate of deaths in the black community is caused by the underlying issues of high blood pressure and diabetes, but also because of the lack of health care facilities and the fear of not being able to afford the doctor’s visits.

“We’re seeing this virus particularly become more lethal for folks that have those underlying conditions,” Jamie Lowther said.

The Lowthers say when many African Americans start seeing symptoms and then decide to go to the hospital, it’s normally too late.

“We are the decedents of the diaspora and so we’ve been told all the home remedies to do and there’s absolutely a place for home remedies, there’s absolutely a place for prayer and faith, but with this virus, there’s no time to sit at home and wait,” Keisha Lowther said. “You need to be seen, you need to be evaluated, and I think so many times in our culture and our communities there’s a resistance to getting that access to care.”

President Donald Trump said federal authorities are working to get statistics that might help examine this issue.

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