Ua Gymnastics

David Williams III

After the University of Alabama gymnastics team scored over 197 points two weeks in a row, head coach Dana Duckworth said she feels good about the team.

Tonight the Crimson Tide hosted Kentucky at Coleman Coliseum. Duckworth said the focus remained on making improvements and building depth to continue improving every week.

“I think we talked about where’s your 1 percent,” said Duckworth. “How do you get 1 percent better today? How do you get 1 percent better tomorrow?”

Duckworth said that the team will to take Saturday and Sunday off to recuperate. She plans for the team to continue focusing on small details that result in bigger details in the end.

“We’re definitely building off every single meet,” said Nickie Guerrero, a senior Alabama gymnast. “We’ve done a really good job of making every meet a little bit better and I think this meet was an example of how every meet we can improve on something. We have so much more to improve on, we have so many more routines to get out there and skills to upgrade so it’s really exciting.

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