Tuscaloosa Animal Control

Residents in the Alberta and Claymont areas within Tuscaloosa County have reported seeing a coyote in their neighborhood.

A coyote was sighted during the day in the Claymont area and residents on Arcadia Drive saw a coyote in their backyard. Claymont resident Chris Gordon said he left for the weekend and came back to find his cats had been attacked.

“One of my outdoor cats had been missing yesterday and then came up this morning and he had a lot of injuries to him that looked as if it were a potential dog,” Gordon said. “But I don’t know of any dogs that are out where they would cross paths.”

While only one coyote has been sighted, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office’s animal control unit has placed traps in the area to try to fix this coyote problem.

“These coyotes, they run, they don’t stay in a certain area,” Tuscaloosa County Extension Agent Neal Hargle said. “They’ll move wherever the food is. So they may come to that area and they may be out of that area and be gone for months or even a year, or they may be gone a couple of days and come back in that area. It depends on how abundant and how easily their food is for them to get.”

Coyotes are pack animals that travel to find food, and while they often eat smaller prey like birds, rodents and snakes, they can also harm outdoor pets like cats or small dogs. They’re not rare in Alabama, but they typically stick to more wooded areas instead of wandering into populated neighborhoods.

“It’s become a danger, to pets especially, so we felt like we had to do something and I’m really proud with how the city came forward and acted real quick,” said District 5 Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner.

If you think there is a coyote near your home, do not try to deal with the animal yourself, they can become violent if cornered. Instead, call Tuscaloosa Animal Control at 205-464-8600.

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