One family is coping with the aftermath of a disaster that struck last week.

Nikki Caffee and her husband left their house on Friday, Sept. 20, unexpectant of the day ahead. She dropped her two kids at her grandmother’s house, like a typical weekday. However, on her way to work, events took a downturn.

“We got them situated and got them breakfast, and I was almost to Tuscaloosa when someone called and said that our house was on fire,” Caffee said.

She immediately rushed home to find police cars and firemen already lining her driveway.

“It’s just devastating to know that you lose – you’ve lost everything that you’ve ever worked for, and every dime of money I’ve ever earned, went up in flames,” she said.

The Caffee family began their Friday morning as normal, but they never expected their home of only three months to go up in flames. However, they are very thankful for all the friends, family and even strangers who have showed up to support them.

“Friday night, I was so blessed, even though I’d just lost everything, but just so, I felt so blessed because so many people were willing to help,” Caffee said.

She said the most devastating part was losing family heirlooms and watching her kids lose toys. But to help, Caffee’s coworkers created a GoFundMe for the family. To help, click here.

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