COVID-19 update for Bibb County


bibb medical center

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

Bibb Medical Center and other rural hospitals are doing their best in caring for patients with COVID-19 just like bigger hospitals around the state.

BMC CEO Joseph Marchant said the hospital is treating five COVID-19 patients as of Monday. Of those, one is on a BiPAP machine.

Over the past two weeks, the hospital has tested nearly 1,000 residents. Of those, 20% to 25% have tested positive.

Marchant said monoclonal infusions have been beneficial to those fighting COVID-19.

“Anything from 20 to 50 really is the highest percentage of positives that we are seeing and of course they are taking advantage of the monoclonal infusions because we didn’t really have that a year ago,” said Marchant. “We think it’s really led to great success and really prevented hospitalizations. We’ve yet to have someone admitted that we were able to infuse early on. So, I really think that is our best resource.”

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, Bibb Medical Center has curbside testing available Monday through Friday. For more information, visit online here.

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