COVID-19 surge may impact Tuscaloosa’s operations

Tuscaloosa City Council

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Joseph King

As COVID-19 cases rise, so too do the numbers of people forced to stay home from work because they’re sick. That fact is hitting the city of Tuscaloosa the same as it is everywhere else, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox said Tuesday.

“Internally at the city, we see more and more of our team members are either being exposed to the virus directly or have the virus,” Maddox said during the Tuscaloosa City Council meeting.

The increase in cases could result in an impact on city operations within the next few weeks.

“Right now it’s not fully impacting our operations, but I do worry that with another two weeks at this level you could see some delays in services,” Maddox said. “We’re not at that point yet and hopefully this will be a fairly quick spike.”

As of Jan. 11, DCH Health System is treating 86 patients who are positive for COVID-19. Of those, 52 are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.

But unlike at the beginning of the pandemic, vaccines are available.

“I don’t see us taking any sort of (citywide) regulatory action,” Maddox said.
“We have a vaccine that’s available to nearly every single part of our population, plus we’ve learned a lot in that time from wearing masks to social distancing.”

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