By WVUA 23 Reporter Grace Campbell

Back in September, Tuscaloosa lost a hero.

Tuscaloosa Police Investigator Dornell Cousette committed his life to the community, and two months ago Cousette was killed in the line of duty.

Saturday morning, the Tuscaloosa Police Department and Element Fitness joined forces to host the Cousette Memorial Hero Workout so the community could come together and show their respect to Cousette and his loved ones.

“It means a lot that everyone is still honoring him,” TPD Sgt. Henry McCaskill III said. “I know it’s been a couple months and I know a lot of pages have turned onto other things, but it means a lot that the community still honors and respects him and still showing support for him and his family.”

Cousette’s brother Juan Hall said the constant outpouring of love and concern to him and his family helps them through this difficult time.

The workout not only honored Investigator Cousette to make sure his memory will live on, it also raised over $6,000 to be added to the Cousette Family Account at Bryant Bank.

Numbers of significance to Investigator Cousette were represented in the workout, ranging from 13 total rounds to represent his 13 years of service, to being a partner workout to represent the teamwork he displayed.

People know how important his role was to the community and are wanting to continuously celebrate his legacy.

“That name, and this workout and his service will carry forever,” Element Fitness manager Chris Majors said.

Cousette’s family and loved ones said they’re thankful for the support they have received and hope this tragedy will remind people of all the hard work and sacrifices law enforcement and other officials do every day.

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