Storm Shelter

Thanks to an agreement with the Parks and Recreation Authority, Samantha residents won’t have to go far when they’re in need of a storm shelter.

The Tuscaloosa County Commission will be building a $45,000, 50-person storm shelter on land owned by PARA between Northside Middle and Walker Elementary schools.

District 1 County Commissioner Stan Acker said he hopes the new shelter will be up and running by early winter.

“There are no tornado shelters around that area,” he said. “A lot of times people come to the fire department. It’s just a metal building, it’s not very safe, but they come there because they don’t have a place to go.”

The Samantha Fire Station will operate the new shelter, opening it in case of severe weather.

Also looking at building shelters in other areas

Acker said several storm shelters are in the process of being constructed around the area, including in Carroll’s Creek, Echola, Yellow Creek, and money has been approved for a shelter in Mount Olive.


“You can replace things, but you can’t replace people,” Acker said. “You want to give people a place to go where they can be safe. If a tornado comes through and their home is gone, their cars are gone, you can rebuild all that, but you can’t rebuild lives.”

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