September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. For many, like 18-year-old Angel Eaton and her mother Kim, every month is devoted to recognizing this cause.

Angel was diagnosed with cancer back in 2013 and has put up an incredible fight against this monster that kills hundreds of children around the world each day.
She’s been moved home to live as comfortably as possible. Thanks to the popular country music duo, Florida Georgia Line, Angel spent moments this week smiling.

Thursday morning, Angel’s Mother Kim got a phone call from an unknown number. Something told her to answer this one.
On the other end? Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard ( AKA Florida Georgia Line.)

“Her eyes popped open! I have not seen her that alert in ages,” Kim told us.

The man who got the ball rolling on this big surprise is local radio personality “Monk” from 95.3 The Bear. He’s known angel for over two years. During our visit inside his studio, he told us,

“In the very first conversation we had when we were introduced, she said ‘Do you know Florida Georgia Line?’ So, that came to mind and I just thought ‘Hey I’ve got a radio station, I’ve got listeners. I’m going to do what I can to try to get Florida Georgia Line just to call and give her some well wishes.’”

Those well wishes not only made Angel’s day but, they’re something her mother says she will never forget.

“Every time I hear them, I’m always going to think about that phone call and those three minutes that they took. It was a huge thing for my daughter. Something that made her smile when we don’t have a lot to smile about.”

Here’s that original facebook post after the surprise phone call!

If you’d like to help Angel’s family with her medical expenses, please click here.

Prayers for Angel!




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