By WVUA 23 Reporter Kayla Smith

WVUA 23 was there for the Little Red Dress Soiree on Oct. 3 hosted by Alabama Exposure Magazine and BMW of Tuscaloosa honoring 24 local women.

Tuscaloosa City Council Member Sonya McKinstry was named Woman of the Year and handed the keys to a brand new BMW X5, which retails for $58,000. McKinstry believed BMW of Tuscaloosa was giving her the car, but the dealership said the prize was instead a one-week loan.

McKinstry filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the car dealer. According to the lawsuit, the dealership threatened McKinstry with arrest if she did not return the car.

BMW claimed it only presented her with a new car for a week, but McKinstry said that this was not her understanding.

According to the lawsuit, McKinstry signed a test drive agreement containing a handwritten note stating “Out until the paperwork is done on her new car.”

McKinstry hired local attorney Mike Comer, who has filed a complaint in district court. WVUA 23 spoke to Comer on Wednesday, who said the court complaint speaks for itself.

The complaint states that BMW of Tuscaloosa has committed fraud, breach of contract and an act of negligence.

WVUA 23 also reached out to the manager of BMW of Tuscaloosa, but he said he has been instructed not to comment on the case.

After the event, Luxury Exposure Events, who worked with BMW of Tuscaloosa to host the awards, posted a picture of McKinstry in the car. The post read: “Congratulations to Sonya McKinstry for her new BMW car given by BMW of Tuscaloosa! She was named Women of the Year!”

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