Council can’t decide on District 3 hire; decision goes to Ivey

The decision on who will fill the vacant District 3 seat on Northport City Council will now be decided by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey.

Former Distrct 3 Council Member John Hinton was named Northport mayor after former mayor Bobby Herndon resigned from office at the end of 2022.

According to Alabama law, the city has 60 days to appoint a new District 3 council member. If the city cannot appoint one, Ivey will step in.

Northport city leaders interviewed seven applicants in February and hoped to have consensus on a candidate before the 60 days were up. Hinton said he’s pleased with the applicants, but said it doesn’t look like the council can’t agree on who to hire.

Because they couldn’t pick one themselves, Ivey will be sent a list of names and will select the new council member.

“You won’t please everyone with every decision, but if you have a servant’s heart and remember you are there to serve the people, then you can help the district and the city,” said Hinton. “I think the most important thing is having a servant’s attitude. You are really there to help the people.”

Hinton said no matter who gets the job, he wants someone who can be part of a bigger team.

District 1 Council Member Christy Bobo said it’s important that someone is selected who matches the enthusiasm current members already have.

“We are looking for a person who fits in with our group, someone who is going to do what’s best for Northport,” Bobo said.

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