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By WVUA 23 Reporter Maria Blough

The aisles at some supermarkets across the country are packed with people trying to stock up on all their needs so they can stay away from public spaces. In Tuscaloosa the stores are a little less hectic, but some shoppers still have their concerns about the future of their trips to the supermarket.

“At this store, it seems to be pretty well-stocked, but there are more shoppers and as a result, I’m trying to get ahead of the rush and all the people,” Emory Hubbard said.

Another shopper bought more food than usual in order to avoid the stores.

“I got a bunch of water, a bunch of vegetables and stuff,” Christopher Mcghe said. “I’m going to freeze them because I eat most of my foods fresh.”

One shopper said their loved one asked them to pick up some toilet paper because they worry stores will run out.
Other people said the coronavirus hasn’t impacted their shopping habits.

“It hasn’t changed yet,” Jessica Tuggle said. “I know a lot of people have gone and bought extra cleaning supplies and toilet paper and whatnot, but I’m just keeping to the normal at the moment.”

As more and more events are cancelled due to the coronavirus, shoppers shared some of their thoughts about the disease.

“Nobody I know has it, so it doesn’t directly impact me, but it’s crazy,” Summer Bolton said. “It’s spreading like wildfire.”

WVUA 23 will keep viewers up-to-date on any coronavirus-related changes moving forward. And while the chaos may be frightening to some, Hubbard offered some advice moving forward.

“People just need to be patient,” Hubbard said. “There’s probably going to be longer lines and so forth like that, so they need to watch out for that.”

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