A sign on the doors of Northport City Hall has some residents seeing red.

Gun rights advocates took their concerns over the “firearms resricted” sign to the Northport City Council

Bama Carry President Eddie Fulmer said the sign is misleading and confusing.

“When I see that sign, I see the code, I’m thinking, hey, I’m good, so in I go,” he said “But the average person has no idea about what that code means and they’re not going to go look it up”

Fulmer addressed the council Monday, saying he should be allowed to carry his weapon inside a building at any time, except during council or commission meetings.

“You see the circle around the gun?” he said. “Anyone who doesn’t know any better would think that meant no weapons here, but that’s not true.”

Fulmer said it’s been a problem since 2011, and claimed that when the city put the sign up, Alabama’s Legislature had not given them the authority to do so. Fulmer said he’s filed a complaint with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, who is in charge of investigating improper firearms notifications.

“This is an intentional and a deliberate misleading of a trusting public trying to tell them this is a gun-free zone when it is not,” he said.

Northport Councilman Jay Logan said the city is looking at the sign’s wording and will see if the language can be simplified.


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