By WVUA 23 Web Writer Trent Carlson

Construction of the new Rosedale Park in Tuscaloosa is continuing this week, as equipment is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

Located along Greensboro Aveneue in the Rosedale community, the park was severely damaged in the April 27, 2011, tornado.

Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority Public Relations and Marketing Manager Becky Booker said the park is coming back better than ever.

“The design of the playground comes from a lot of different areas,” Booker said. “We talked to kids about what they liked and some of it is themed around what’s trending, what’s more popular.”

The redesigned park will include hand-painted and sculpted nature-and-animal-themed playground equipment, as well as a pavilion, according to PARA. Future plans include a splash feature, a bike and walking trail and a community center.

Rosedale Park is not the only renovation project scheduled by PARA. New amenities in Jaycee Park, located at the northeast terminus of City Walk, are expected to be under construction beginning in June.


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