A bill allowing concealed carry without a permit has made it out of the state Senate and is heading to the House of Representatives.

State Sen. Gerald Allen, who represents Tuscaloosa, proposed the bill.

But the House heard from several law enforcement representatives today who say allowing concealed handguns without permits could increase crime or violence.

“To enact this bill takes away a vital tool from law enforcement that we use on a regular basis,” said Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police Vice President Ted Cook. “Almost daily, we get guns off the street and prevent crimes that we may never know about.”

Supporters say permits are an unnecessary burden on law-abiding citizens, and criminals will carry guns regardless of the law.


“I think it simplifies things,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale. “I believe in training, but it doesn’t call for it in the constitution. It doesn’t call for a fee. It’s not right to pay for a constitutional right.”

In the U.S., 11 states already allow concealed carry without a permit.


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