TUSCALOOSA — A group of University of Michigan students have created a safety app that allows friends to virtually walk you home at night.
The Companion app enables users to request phone contacts to virtually track their journey home using GPS online maps.
Those contacted will receive a text with a link to an interactive map that shows the user’s progress toward their destination.
If the user has a change in movement, the app detects the change and asks them if they are okay.
If they do not respond within 15 seconds, a recurring noise comes from the user’s phone to alarm anyone trying to harm them.
The app then gives those tracking the user the option to immediately call police.
After the sexual assault reported on the University of Alabama’s campus last weekend, female students we spoke with say they will consider using Companion.

We also spoke with Jake Wayne, one of the app’s creators.
Wayne tells us the app was created after he and four other students began talking about their scary experiences walking home alone.
If the user calls 911 while on a campus registered with Companion, the relevant campus safety department will be notified.

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