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Your Personal Best

Your Personal Best, Aug. 20, 2020: Exercising When Injured

These are tough times, especially if you’ve incurred an injury. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising if your physician gives you the OK. For example, if you’ve had an injury to your feet, knees or legs, you can still exercise your upper half. Here’s an example of some light upper-body exercises you

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Your Personal Best, Aug. 13, 2020: Diaphragmatic Breathing

We all know we’re in difficult and trying times, meaning everybody’s dealing with at least a little extra stress and anxiety. Diaphragmatic breathing is a positive coping technique that can help us relax the body and mind. Here’s how you do it: Sit in a chair in a quiet room. Place your hands one above

<a href="https://wvua23.com/your-personal-best-aug-13-2020-diaphragmatic-breathing/" title="Read More">Read More</a>

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