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Bright Spots: Blooming traditions in Gordo

If an event has gone on for 30 years, that's pretty impressive. Holliman Gardens has been around for that long, and their tradition is bringing beautiful blooms to West Alabama. Renee…

Bright Spots: Child plans Race for Peace

The war-torn city of Mariupol, Ukraine, is more than 15,300 miles from Tuscaloosa. But no distance is too far for this young man's heart. "Making a difference is important,…

Bright Spots: A ticket to forever

If you're a current or former student of the University of Alabama, chances are you're a member or have at least heard of the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group. Most people use it…

Bright Spots: K-9 memorial celebrates sheriff’s office’s best boys and girls

This week’s Bright Spots report pays tribute to a different type of Sheriff’s deputy. If you’ve ever been out to the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Office Training Facility in Berry, you know how impressive it is. Officers come from all over the country to train there. There’s a recent addition to the property that’s just “doggone” special.

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Bright Spots: Alabama student welcomes strangers for Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, University of Alabama student Camille Kohtala’s living room was filled with dozens of fellow college students from all over the world. “I could not believe how many people showed up,” Kohtala said. “It was crazy.” Kohtala, whose home is in Orono, Maine, couldn’t make the nearly 1,500-mile trip home this year. But

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Bright Spots: Greensboro Pie baking up decadent desserts

For decades, Greensboro has been known as the catfish capitol of the South. But there’s a new delicacy in town that is downright delicious. “Both sides of my family have some baking genes in it,” said Greensboro Pie owner Thomas Reynolds said. This young entrepreneur hasn’t even reached his 30th birthday, but he’s baked thousands

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Bright Spots: Lions Club helps sharpen children’s vision

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 6.8% of children younger than 18 in the U.S. have a diagnosed eye or vision condition. But the Tuscaloosa Area Lions Club is helping children around West Alabama catch this problem early with the Alabama Lions Sight Initiative. The club brings a small, handheld

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Bright Spots: Northport Police spreading Halloween happiness

You’ve been Booed! Northport Police Department is getting in the Halloween spirit, and officers have been dropping off Halloween bags filled with NPD goodies, a few sweet treats and a “We’ve been Booed” card on doorsteps around the community. They ask families who have been “booed” to place their card in their window and play

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Bright Spots: SPAN hosts graduation

While the old Holt Elementary School in Tuscaloosa County isn’t being used for its original purpose anymore, the building and students who fill it are getting a second chance. The Special Programming Achievement Network is helping troubled students achieve success and become productive adults through education, counseling and positive influences within their own communities. The

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Bright Spots: Local organization teaming up with businesses for employment opportunities

Do you remember your first job? It’s a special and rewarding time when you start taking on new responsibilities and earning your own money. Northridge Fitness is providing that opportunity to several young people through a partnership with United Cerebral Palsy of West Alabama. United Cerebral Palsy of West Alabama is a nonprofit corporation that

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Bright Spots: American Christian Academy students stand with Mr. Bonner

This week’s Bright Spot took us just down the road to the Five Points area in Tuscaloosa to the Bojangles there, where you can get a whole lot more than a yummy meal. If you’ve ever ridden by the restaurant, you’ve probably seen this man, James David Bonner. He’s lovingly known to this community as

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Bright Spots: Bibb County Track Team Accomplishes a Lot With a Little

This week’s Bright Spot takes us to Bibb County, where a group of students hurdled over the odds stacked against them …and now have some hardware to prove it. The Bibb County High School Boys Track team won the 4A Track and Field State Championship in Gulf Shores earlier this month. This would be an

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Bright Spots: Shelton State’s New President No Stranger to Tuscaloosa

How about some good local news? WVUA 23’S Chelsea Barton sat down with the new Shelton State Community College President Brad Newman, who says brighter days are ahead for the buccaneers! Newman has been named the 20th Shelton State president, and he comes as no stranger to the Tuscaloosa community. “I guess you could say

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Bright Spots: Author Highlights Bullying with Children’s Book

This week’s Bright Spot introduces us to a local author who became published during the pandemic. ” ‘In Chadwick’s Eyes’ is a science fiction book about a 10-year-old boy,” author Rae Yung said. “The story is about love, it’s about family, it’s also about children dealing with the challenges of bullying and their emotions.” We

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Bright Spots: Ms. Senior Alabama is More Than Just a Crown

“I had no idea that I would win,” Ms. Senior Alabama Cindy Dixon said. “I was just like, ‘this didn’t happen. I just won…what?’ ” Dixon will be the first to tell you there’s a lot more to her title as Ms. Senior Alabama than just looking pretty and wearing a crown. “I thought and

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