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Bright Spots: Child plans Race for Peace

The war-torn city of Mariupol, Ukraine, is more than 15,300 miles from Tuscaloosa. But no distance is too far for this young man's heart. "Making a difference is important,…

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Health Matters

Health Matters: Geriatric Mental Health

By WVUA23 Digital Reporter Kyle Hamrick Staying healthy means more than taking care of your body. It also means taking care of your mind. Dr. James Reeves, a psychiatrist at University…

Health Matters: Adolescent Mental Health

Being a teenager is hard enough, but nowadays it's gotten even more complicated. University Medical Center Psychiatrist Dr. Marisa Giggie said technology plays a big part in the mental health of…

Health Matters: Adult Mental Health

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyle Hamrick The COVID-19 pandemic continues to takes its toll on physical and mental health. University of Alabama Wellness Clinic Director and College of Community Health…

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Your Personal Best

Your Personal Best: Walking Sticks

  Walking is an important component to staying healthy as we age, and there's a way you can stay active and move even if you're having trouble taking an all-important walk.…

Your Personal Best: Brain Foods

Foods and nutrients that are good for our heart are also good for our brain, according to the American Brain Foundation. Dr. Milady Murphy says foods that are high in vitamins,…

Your Personal Best: Straight Leg Lifts

Everyone loses muscle mass as they age, and the process starts pretty early. But there are some useful exercises you can use to help keep or even gain muscle tone,…

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