Community reacts to Hale County teacher’s sex charges

A former high school band director is charged with soliciting sex from students between the ages of 15 and 16.

The allegations are coming out of Hale County, where residents are shocked and disgusted.

“So far, we have four victims and three charges,” Moundville Police Officer Cole Ward said.

All charges are against 34-year-old Adam Paul Mowrer, who recently resigned from his position as band director at Hale County High School.

“On May 26th, the school resource officer at Hale County High School received some information that the band director, Adam Mowrer had been sending some inappropriate emails and conversations with the students,” Ward said.

Mowrer turned himself in Tuesday, June 14th to the Hale County Jail. Authorities said there may be more victims.

“Anybody who has ever had anything like this regardless of whether it be this teacher or anyone else, we would love for them to come forward,” Ward said.

“All the police officers are going to do anything we can to help you. Students at their age do not realize it is not their fault. It is somebody in an authority position takes advantage of them and they don’t realize it. They think that they have done something wrong, and they have not.”

Hale County Commissioner Donald Anderson said he speaks on behalf of his constituents and parents everywhere when he says this is kind of behavior is unacceptable.

“We as adults are put here to be a guide and a light for the young adults and to have something like that happen, it is really a sad situation, and it is a situation we cannot have here in Hale County.”

Investigators said they were able to bring these charges forward because of the bravery victims and their parents displayed.

Anderson advised parents to keep open relationships with their children.

“Always be able to talk to them about whatever situation comes up good or bad. To the young ladies that came forward, I admire them. I respect them to the fact that you thought something had to be done and you found a way to do something about it and went to the right authority with it and you handled it the right way,” he said.

Mowrer has been released from the Hale County Jail on $18,000 in bonds.

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