Reporting by WVUA 23’s Samantha Fisher

The end of the Community Police Week came to a close on Oct. 12, finishing out a week of events to show support for the Tuscaloosa Police Department and remind the community that it is important to work alongside the department to help make the community safer and better.

Raevan Howard, Tuscaloosa’s District 2 councilwoman and chair of the Public Safety Committee, organized this event as a way to show appreciation for police officers in the community.

There were activities for the children, barbeque, popcorn and snow cone machines.

Howard planned the week with fun events such as a breakfast with a police officer, which allowed individuals to ask any questions and express their concerns about issues within their own neighborhoods. Additionally, police officers visited local elementary schools and traded questions about each other and how to work better together.

“I’ve noticed in our community we’ve had always had a good relationship throughout the community, and we want to make sure we maintain that,” Tuscaloosa PD’s assistant police chief Mitt Tubbs said. “It’s very important to us. We have to work as a team.”

This was the third annual police week cookout and Howard plans to continue with this, in addition to help organize other events throughout the year in order to maintain a strong relationship between police officers and members in the community.

“Community policing does have to exist in order for us to have the type of community that we desire, but it’s also important that we remind people during this week that we shouldn’t just talk about community policing just this one time of year, but it is every day, 365 days a year,” she said.

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