Community partnership provides food, shelter, and showers for those in need

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West Alabama is experiencing a cold snap which will cause temperatures to dip into the 30s.  The cold weather leaves many of our most vulnerable citizens with no place to get out of the cold, especially during overnight hours. This need caused two organizations to partner with each other and open a warming shelter for those who need it.

The Ivy Foundation, a local charitable organization is now partnering with the Tuscaloosa franchise of The Lab USA, a local gym.

Chairman of the Ivy Foundation, Donnie Lee Jr. said when they recognize cold weather is coming the training facility opens its doors and provides a warm space for people.

“We wanted to open up the doors of The Lab training facility for individuals to have a place where they can take a hot shower or get a goodnight of sleep. We order food based off the group that we have,” Lee said.

The Lab Facility is located at 1924 13th Street East in Tuscaloosa.


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