Community leaders address Wednesday Hillcrest student walkout

Wednesday morning hundreds of Hillcrest High School students staged a walkout after they say they were told not to include important historical events for the Black History Month program before 1970.

Pastor David Evans of Greater Faith Church in Moundville said he is proud to see these young adults able to express themselves in such a peaceful manner.

“It’s more to it than just the Black History program and the young lady not being able to dance. There’s a culture and there’s a climate that is in that school among quite a few other county schools that needs to be addressed,” said Evans.

Evans also said he hopes the walkout will create a positive change at Hillcrest High School.

“That bothers me that a group of 300 kids walking out, sharing the same sentiments about some civic discontentment, does not get the attention of those that need our vote and that we count on to make sure the system works,” said Evans.

Community leader Tyshawn Gardner said he is grateful we live in a time where parents and children recognize a true quality education.

“It is a beautiful story about how all Americans have overcome some of the unfortunate atrocities in this country to live out its true creed and that is that all people are created equal,” said Gardner.

The Tuscaloosa County School System released a statement Wednesday that read:

“The Tuscaloosa County School System supports our students right to peacefully demonstrate. A number of our Hillcrest High students have concerns about the culture within their school. We care deeply about our students, and it is important that their concerns are heard. We are putting together a plan to make sure our students feel heard, so that we know the right steps to put in place to ensure all students know that they are valued.”

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