Reporting by WVUA 23’s Amanda Hull

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness month. One in four students say they have been a victim to bullying in school and for some children, bullying happens every day with no escape.

Teaching children ways to avoid or deal with bullying is crucial to fixing the problem.

“Try to find a buddy or try to be with someone,” Larry Deavers, the executive director for Family Counseling Services in Tuscaloosa, said. “Try not to be alone and try to not allow themselves to be any more vulnerable than they already are in those situations. Always make sure a teacher or another adult knows what’s going on.”

Bullying can happen at any age and opening the conversation to a trustworthy friend or family member is very important.

“In order to combat bullying, one of the most effective things a parent can do is to nurture a supportive relationship with their child of any age,” Deavers said.

Another resource the Tuscaloosa County School system introduced this year is an Anonymous Alert app to help put a stop to bullying in schools. The app allows students and parents to report negative behavior without having to reveal their identity or talk to someone at the school.

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