College Colors Day can be a powerful economic driver in the state

4/15/22 MBA Alabama vs Tennessee Detail Photo by Cian Leach
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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Leosha Dickens

Across the U.S. parents, family, faculty, fans, alumni students and staff celebrate College Colors Day every year on the Friday before Labor Day. In a ceremony held in the old house chamber Gov. Kay Ivey Ivey officially recognized September 1, 2023 as College Colors Day in the state of Alabama. She met with various of mascots from state colleges and universities who joined her on this declaration. The University of Alabama’s Big Al was in attendance as well. This gave UA an excuse to show school pride. The streets were filled with students and even family and fans  around campus dressed in their best crimson garb.

Seeing past the colors Gordon Stone, the Executive Director of Higher Education Partnership, said there should be “excellent educational pathways for every student to achieve their career dreams. Leading in research and innovation, universities are powerful drivers for the economy of the state.”

So, whether you’re still in school or those college days are long behind you,  just for one day — put on those old college t-shirts or watch your favorite college football game. True colors and spirit run deep.

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