Cold weather takes an extreme hit on the homeless

Extreme cold temperatures are headed our way and that puts an extra strain on our homeless population. The Tuscaloosa Salvation Army and Temporary Emergency Services are staffing up to provide West Alabama residents with warming centers and necessities to survive the freezing weather.

Salvation Army Core Officer Timothy Delaney said they are aware of the cold weather that is coming and are prepared for an influx of people in need of shelter.

“I think we will probably see some of the people who don’t normally come off the streets. With it getting this cold people are probably going to come and want to spend the night here,” said Delaney.

Temporary Emergency Services Executive Director Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson also has her team working with the community to provide necessities, especially this week.

“We have a few heaters that have been donated and we’d like to thank the community for donating those heaters. This week is going to be frigid. We are trying to help those in our community, especially our seniors stay warm,” said Thompson.

Kay Hollis of Tuscaloosa received a space heater from Temporary Emergency Services. She said they are the best place to come if you need a heater.

Thompson-Jackson expressed that Temporary Emergency Services are in need of scarves, gloves, coats and bottled water. Donations can be dropped off at its offices located at 1705 15th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 or you can contact them by phone at (205) 758-5535.


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