Lt. Teena Richardson with Tuscaloosa Police Department says their phones have been blowing up with calls from concerned citizens.

Citizens concerned about clowns.

Richardson says TPD has only received two actual reports of clown sightings within their jurisdiction and both proved to be insubstantial.

It’s the social media contributions to this situation that have taken off.

A facebook post, that has since been deleted, began circulating Thursday night from an account called “Dum Danny.”

The profile picture on the account is a creepy clown.

That post read “Tuscaloosa get ready. We’re coming to all of your children’s schools.”

The following schools were listed: Westlawn, Hillcrest, Eastwood, Rock Quarry, Southview, Bryant, Northridge, Central high, Hale county and Greensboro.

Increased patrol was provided to schools as a precaution. Hale County Schools went on a soft lock down Friday.

Richardson told WVUA 23 that all reports are taken seriously, but she thinks when it comes to the latest allegations…folks are just clowning around.

“In this situation, we think that someone is just playing a hoax and they are trying to excite the public about this situation, and it has,” she said. “We have been covered up over the last couple of days about concerns about killer clowns running around in Tuscaloosa County and that’s just not so.”

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