Cleanup continues in Brierfield in wake of EF2 tornado

Cleanup continues in the Bibb County community of Brierfield after an EF2 tornado destroyed several homes there and injured one woman last week.

WVUA 23 News caught up with a family who said it may take all summer to completely rebuild from the storm.

“My son said, ‘What’s that growling?’ I said, ‘Growling?’ He said “Yeah, come here and listen to this,” said Bobby Epperson. “And I stepped out on the back porch, and I’m hard of hearing but I said, ‘That’s not growling, that’s a tornado and that’s going to be close.'”

Close it was.

“We were able to get a real good view of the roof leaving,” Epperson said. “Going straight up in the air. The next one was some oak trees between my house and the little barn, we watched them blowing over.”

Epperson and his family are fortunate to have survived the storm.

“People said ‘Didn’t you get scared?’ ” Epperson said. “You don’t have time to get scared. It’s so fast. I mean it was ‘wham, bam’ and it was gone. Then you look outside and say how did it do so much damage so fast?”

Also making it through the tornado were Epperson’s animals.

“9 o’clock the next night we found the one goat that was missing,” Epperson said. “It was pinned under part of the barn. We fed it and watered it. In the barn that got blown away, I had five guineas. They got blown away. We found one of them down at the edge of the woods. The next day two more came back. That evening another one came back, and two days later the fifth one came back. So, I lost no animals.”

Since the storm, the Eppersons have been spending their days cleaning up, making repairs and giving thanks.

“I’m 76, and so I can scratch being in a tornado off my bucket list,” Epperson said. “I never want to be in another one. When my family’s okay, my animals are okay, I drop down and thank the Lord. He’s got some reason for us to still be here, so we’ll see what it is.”

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