Civil Rights History Trail

The Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center was crowded with people Monday for the official opening of the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail.

The trail consists of sites that tell the stories and experiences activists went through to bring awareness toward Tuscaloosa’s civil rights movement. The creators of the trail hope that it will educate local residents on the city’s past while fostering greater understanding for a better, more inclusive, future.

“It forever changes the narrative,” said racial reconciliation consultant Dr. Jennifer Stollman. “Once you have the numbers on the ground, nobody can walk across without even asking what’s going on.”

The trail honors those who fought for equality in Tuscaloosa, like activist Rev. Thomas Linton.

“Making everyone aware of what happened and showing how races have really come together,” Linton said of the trail. “We can talk about and see how unfair it was and they’re willing to do something about it.”

There are 18 trail sites scattered throughout downtown and those who wish to walk to the trail can do so at their leisure. has more information about the trail and the history of the movement.

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