Erica And Family00000000

A Tuscaloosa City Schools Board member and her family are lucky to be alive after an early morning blaze.

District 5 School Board Member Erica Grant’s home caught fire around 2 a.m. Wednesday while she, her husband and four of their children were inside.

Emotions were still high when WVUA 23’s Jabaree Prewitt spoke with the family.

“My dad had came back there and said ‘Come on,’ and I knew something was wrong,” said son Dylen Grant.

Dylen said that’s when he realized his home was filled with smoke.

“I had went in but, I couldn’t see,” he said. “It was just white stuff.”

Grant said she and her family may not be here were it not for one simple device.

“I’m thankful for that smoke detector,” she said. “I was smelling something and I was hearing it, too. We’re changing out all of the batteries today, and I just encourage everybody check the alarm, and some type of way to get to a fire station and understand more about fires.”

Grant said a pot left on the stove is to blame for the incident, and she said she wants to take her experience to Tuscaloosa City Schools.

“At home that’s something we definitely need to talk to our kids about,” she said. “We need to talk to our students about how serious it can be at home. Its also important to know your home.”

Grant said she’s considering hosting a community forum so students and their families know how properly working smoke detectors can save lives in the event of a fire.

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