NORTHPORT—The Northport City Council approved a nearly $40 million general, water and sewage fund budget Monday for the 2016 fiscal year.

In the budget, Northport city employees are slated receive a 1.7-percent cost of living raise. The city will also be able to pay some debts.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon attributed the success of the budget to the city.

“In 2014 our sales tax was up 3.5-percent, compared to what it was a year before this year,” Herndon said. “People are shopping in Northport, more money is staying in Northport and it really helps out the budget.”

Herndon said the increase in sales tax led to more spending on police and fire departments

The city also approved the purchase of 15 new police body cameras. The cameras will be used to record contact between law enforcement and residents. The new cameras are slated to cost the city $13,548.

The city also approved an agreement with the Metro Animal Shelter. Under the budget, the shelter is set to receive $69,000 from the city. The money will allow the shelter to have 24-hour cleanings and a separate adoption area.

Steve Acker, District 4 Northport City Councilman, case his final vote as a city leader. The councilman retires after seven years of service on city council. He was presented a plaque Monday for his leadership and service. Acker said he will leave the council in good hands.

“I feel like Northport is in a position to expand [and]the financers are certainly much better than they’ve been,” Acker said.

On Thursday, the council could make a new appointment for the open District 4 seat.

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